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Since 1995, TeamChild attorneys have stood beside young people to advocate for their rights to safety, belonging, community support, and rehabilitation over incarceration and exclusion. Three decades later, we are proud of the immense progress that has been made within the juvenile justice and juvenile legal aid. There are far less young people in juvenile rehabilitation facilities now than when TeamChild was founded and we have seen a growing coalition of advocates, legislators, and community members dedicated to transforming the systems that should be supporting our youth including education, healthcare, child welfare, and juvenile justice. However, we still see unacceptable disproportionality with BIPOC, disabled, and LGBTQ+ youth incarcerated and expelled at higher rates than their white, neurotypical peers. NOW is the time to change that. We will only be successful if our work is deeply connected – to youth, to impacted community, to coalition members, and to you. Here is how you can become a part of the work to transform our systems so that ALL young people are safe, cherished, and supported in their communities.

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