A folder with the word BUDGET and a calculator are placed in a circular lime-green frame on the right. On the left are three people icons lifting a heart against a brick-red background.

Putting Our Money Where Our Values Are

The services and supports needed for young people, their families, and communities must be adequately funded now to assure that they can weather all of the ups and downs of growing up.

Julian wears a suit and smiles into the camera. To his left are orange and white message icons with this text (taken from Teen Vogue article): Gideon v. Wainwright Was a Landmark Decision, But Women Invented the Idea of the Public Defender

Julian with the Reframe and appreciation this Womens History Month

This Women’s History Month, and on the 60th anniversary of the legal decision Gideon v. Wainwright, TeamChild Policy Coordinator Julian Cooper references the Teen Vogue article by Emily Galvin Almanza in a letter of appreciation to, and an ask for continued accountability from, our staff.

A checkered floor is shown beneath three doors that lead to small windowless rooms. There are fluorescent lights above.

Let’s Keep ALL Students Safe at School – Take Action TODAY

Substitute House Bill 1479 (Banning isolation and restraint in schools) made it past the most recent cutoff and is still alive to become law this session.  It has many hurdles to face before this session ends on April 23, 2023.

Porsche (L, middle row) is pictured with TeamChild staff and Youth Advisory Board members on the steps of the capitol building in Olympia.

Back to the Future with the Youth Advisory Board

As we continue to build out our systemic advocacy, we hope to expand the power and reach of youth voice by growing our relationships and following guidance from young people who are directly impacted by failures of the systems we work in.

Youth have a Right of Return after School Discipline Ends – M.G. v. Yakima School District, No. 38165-0-III (Dec. 2022)

In a decision that was issued in December and published this month, the Court held that, under state law, students have a right of return after a suspension ends. State law prohibits indefinite suspension and expulsion and requires procedural protections before the right of education is taken away from a student.

Marcos wears glasses and a smokey blue blazer and smiles into the camera.

Reflections on My 1st Year at TeamChild

As we head into 2023 — a year of strategic planning for TeamChild — each one of us on our staff and Board is deeply reflecting on how we can meet the challenges of today while doing the work to prevent harm from happening in the first place.

White text on turquoise background reads: VY VU Pierce County Case Support and Outreach Specialist

Youth Voice – Are We Listening?

Young people should be able to co-design solutions to problems impacting them, and be actively involved at the table for how we implement those changes.

A small photo of Kim appears in the upper right corner of a presentation slide that reads: Safe and Stable Housing.

Holistic Youth Defense

TeamChild attorneys Marshaun Barber, Kimberly Williams and Sara Zier presented tips and resources earlier this month for Washington defenders working with youth.

Illustration by Gabriel Campanario / The Seattle Times: Blue, white and black drawing of students walking away from a bus and a man with a clipboard in the foreground.

Accountability and Inclusion

TeamChild attorneys tackle 2 major issues for clients: accountability and inclusion. A true failure of accountability and inclusion at a statewide level is highlighted in last month’s reporting from The Seattle Times and ProPublica about the Northwest School of Innovative Learning (NW SOIL).

Photo of the Capitol Building in Olympia by John Callery. The building is surrounded by evergreen trees.

Partnering to Advance Justice

As we approach the 2023 legislative session, we wanted to look back on the partnerships we’ve cultivated with our legislative champions and the efforts these partnerships have made in transforming the statewide landscape of juvenile civil legal advocacy.

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