Simmie, Annie, Atticus and George are dressed warmly on a grey day. They smile into the camera and Atticus holds a warm drink.


Simmie Baer, Annie Lee and her son, and George Yeannakis at the celebratory send-off in Lincoln Park

As my time at TeamChild winds down, I’ve been awash with gratitude for the many things that TeamChild has defined and put into focus for me in my personal and professional life.  For this week of thanksgiving, I wanted to share three things I’m thankful for –

I’m thankful for mentors, colleagues, community partners, and experts in their fields who took time and care to help me grow as a lawyer, supervisor, executive director, and ally in the movement for justice.  You all walked alongside me and TeamChild over these 20+ years — your wisdom, expertise, generosity and kindness are gifts that keep on giving.

I’m thankful for all of our staff, board, supporters, and donors who give life to TeamChild’s mission and are passionately leading our work into a new chapter. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Most of all, I’m thankful for our clients and the significant people in their lives. For all these years, you’ve grounded me and TeamChild in our work as lawyers and advocates. You’ve pushed us to be and do our best work and to value and raise up the details that matter to you. Thank you for sharing your grace, hope and humanity.

With gratitude,


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