Dan Ophardt

Managing Attorney https://teamchild.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/dan-o-t.jpg

I have been the beneficiary of an immense amount of privilege. It took me a few decades and many moves around the world to realize how everything was set up for me to succeed from before I was born. Unequivocally, I do not believe that anyone should be more likely to be able to access human rights because of the place they were born in or the family they were born into. I believe that the most efficient way to achieve equity in our society is to start with children. I believe that every child should have a safe home, enough food to eat, full access to healthcare, and equitable opportunities for education. That is not the world we live in today, but it is the world I want. I would not feel comfortable sitting back and hoping that the world I want will manifest on its own or through other people. I hate clichés, but I’m not above using them: I get paid to do what I love. For that reason, I am even further privileged to be able to work at TeamChild, an organization that embodies my beliefs and supports me in working towards them. Plus, no offense to lawyers or law students, but right after working a summer at a summer camp going into law school, I knew immediately during my first week at law school that kids are “my people.”

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