Grete Schultz

Managing Attorney

As far back as I can remember I have always been one to “litigate the issue,” as my dad would say when, in his opinion, the issue was very much not open for litigation. In hindsight, my desire to become an attorney took root at a very young age. After attending undergrad at Seattle University, I completed law school at the University of Idaho. I began focus on a legal practice where I worked alongside my clients, taking their lead, to dismantle systems of oppression and the harms perpetuated by incarceration while at the same time working to recognize my own privilege. On finishing law school, I worked for a number of years in Pierce County as a public defender, representing young people and adults who were accused of criminal offenses and clients who had behavioral health barriers for which the state wanted to commit them involuntarily for mental health treatment. It was in my capacity as a public defender that I first worked with, and was inspired by, a TeamChild attorney and I remember thinking that TeamChild is where I hoped to end up some day. After leaving the public defender’s office, I worked with young people at a Seattle area non-profit and, most recently, in public benefits law. When the opportunity to join the King County office of TeamChild occurred, I jumped at the chance. I am grateful to be able to work alongside youth to assert their rights, to dismantle systems that do harm, and to work together to recreate a vision of justice.

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