Marshaun Barber

Statewide Education Rights Attorney

I was born and raised in Renton, WA.  Being an only child, I have always loved people and have gravitated towards connecting with them on a deeper level. From an early age, I was the friend that people turned to on a consistent basis for support. When I went to college, I knew I wanted to help people who look liked me. I started noticing people who came into contact with the justice system were some of the individuals who needed the most assistance.

I decided to major in Criminal Justice with the goal in mind to attend law school to advocate for people of color who came into contact with the system. With internships in Dependency and Juvenile Court the voice in my head became louder. What calls me to this work is the idea that I get the privilege to sit across from people who I can identify with and who look just like me. On a daily basis, I get to connect with people in my community and work to alleviate some of my clients’ problems.

Everybody makes mistakes and no one is perfect. Knowing that I have made plenty of mistakes, but have gotten the opportunity to be supported by mentors, family, and community who believe in me, allow me to fall gracefully, and get back up is something that most people do not have. Being a safe place for my clients to talk about their setbacks, traumas, and system failures is what brings me to this profession. I feel honored that my clients trust me enough to advocate on their behalf.

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