Rachel Gluckman

Staff Attorney https://teamchild.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Rachel-teen-photo.jpg

Growing up the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I was taught to think about and speak out against injustice and oppression from a young age – although I never planned to be a lawyer. In fact, when I told people I was going to apply to law school, the general response from most people was disbelief. In hindsight, it probably seemed like a sharp pivot, as I had begun to build a career that I loved in the social work field. However, it was my experience as a social worker working with youth experiencing foster care, homelessness, and the criminal legal system that pushed me to pursue a legal career. When I entered the legal field, I set an intention that I would not participate in this work unless I was actively working to dismantle systems of oppression, white supremacy, and to abolish the carceral system. I strongly believe in a youth and community-led approach. I strive to always work through an antiracist framework, be mindful of my own privilege, continue educating myself, and center the needs our clients advocate for themselves, because they know their own situation best. I am honored and privileged to join TeamChild as a King County staff attorney. I look forward to working together to prioritize the needs of young people in our community, and working towards a future where no youth are incarcerated.

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