Rosey Thurman

Managing Attorney

Having grown up in Richmond, Virginia in the 60’s and 70’s I witnessed firsthand the injustices of racial segregation. It was not only what I heard, it was what I witnessed. I was fortunate enough, despite growing up with many who accepted and supported this injustice, to have a mother who was able to simply say this isn’t right and question why anyone would seek to defend or promote such racial prejudice. This powerful but subtle influence helped me to know that it was also my responsibility to stand up for injustice and help those who were harmed and mistreated by these actions. Initially, I sought this social justice as a social worker and then seeing how the structures of power could be employed through the law, as a lawyer. While many wrongs require changes to our world, identifying and supporting those harmed personally makes a significant difference in how the world will become a better place.

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