Outdoor group photo of Every Student Counts Alliance members, including Justice, smiling and wearing a lime green hat, on the far right.

Remembering Justice Sun (2000-2021)

Justice, pictured outside, wears a lime-green hat and a grey sweatshirt and smiles into the camera

TeamChild staff join with others in our community in honoring the life of Justice Sun, who died in December. Justice was a friend of TeamChild and a fierce advocate, locally in Spokane and around the state, for improved accessibility for individuals with mental health needs, disabilities, those in foster care, those experiencing homelessness, and those identifying as LGBTQIA+.

Justice was impacted by and interacted directly with systems professionals and held them accountable for improving systems for youth. At a memorial service earlier this month friends talked about how Justice, with so many pressing needs and few resources of their own, would stop everything and provide in any way they could when they noticed someone else needed something.

Justice was intelligent. Justice was optimistic. Justice was authentic. Justice chose their own name because of their belief in justice. They embodied justice. It is clear that Justice left a lasting impact, and so many are grieving for them. Thank you for remembering and honoring Justice with us.

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