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Spokane School Board Equity Resolution

On June 11th, the Spokane Public Schools Board unanimously passed a racial equity resolution. The resolution was written by Black leaders within the District and commits to coming to an agreement to stop any district employee from arresting students.

Dan, from our Spokane office, who spoke at the board meeting along with Rosey, relayed that Jerrall Haynes, President of the School Board, appeared joyful when taking the votes to pass the resolution. Though the resolution was just made public on June 6th, more than 500 e-mails came in to support it. The meeting was highly-attended with more than 30 people speaking in support, including entire families. Many Spokane youth spoke powerfully for not just the resolution but further action, and more youth have shown up to speak at Board meetings since then.

Jerrall Haynes, Spokane Public Schools Board president. (Image from Inlander 6/18/20 article: Spokane Public Schools vows to eliminate student arrests and enact systemic change with new racial equity resolution)

“We realize that structural racism is built into the bones of our schools, as well as every structure in society; we have to build anti-racism into the bones in order to increase student empowerment, belonging, value, and hope for the future.”

(adapted from Ijeoma Oluo)
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