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Supporting Our Vision

Head shot of Donor and Volunteer Photographer Lisa Bontje

Lisa Bontje grew up in Seattle and now lives here with her husband Norm and their high school son Alex, along with their dog and two cats. Their 18 year old son Nate is across the country in college. Lisa and Norm have been active supporters of TeamChild for several years, and we wanted to get to know them better! Lisa was kind enough to answer a few questions to share with our community:

When did philanthropy/giving back become important to you?

For the first decade of my career, I didn’t think about philanthropy much at all. But then I started thinking about what was important to me, and I realized it wasn’t what I was doing professionally. So I quit my job, focused on my family and joined an amazing organization called Social Venture Partners (SVP) where I was able to hone some philanthropic skills and consider where I wanted to give back with my time and resources.

Are there other ways that you engage with the organizations you support?

It’s been really great to combine my love of photography with supporting my favorite organizations. My hope is that I can provide them compelling promotional images so they don’t need to spend a lot of money on a professional photographer.  At the same time, I’m able to visit programs in action and see the great work so many organizations are doing in our community. Witnessing so many amazing people making a difference in so many kids’ and families’ lives has been inspirational and humbling.

What causes/organizations spark your passion?

For me specifically, anything that helps kids sparks my passion. Some local organizations I love are Child Care Resources, College Possible, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, Treehouse, Team Read and of course TeamChild!

What made you want to get involved with TeamChild?

TeamChild’s direct legal services resonate with me. Teens can make impulsive decisions (we know, we have teenage sons!). I’ve heard many stories told by youth served by TeamChild who were facing what seemed like insurmountable obstacles in their lives. These youth often feel hopeless in dire circumstances. TeamChild’s legal advice and representation helps youth get back on track with education, stable and safe housing, and even support for health and well-being.

One particular young woman’s story sticks with me. Skyla, a former client from Spokane, told her personal story at the Inaugural TeamChild Luncheon this year. Skyla’s TeamChild Attorney, Rosey, worked with her to help elevate Skyla’s own voice in a time of crisis. Skyla’s bravery in facing the situation and coming out the other side a poised and successful young woman was an inspiration to me.

Color photo of Spokane TeamChild attorney Rosey and her former client Skyla

Huge thanks to Lisa for her support as a donor and volunteer photographer! Her photo of Skyla and Rosey at our luncheon is pictured here, and you can find more of her work at https://www.lisabontjephotography.com/

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