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An image from Crosscut publication is featured on the left with this headline: Cashmere senior challenges WA schools to speak out against racism. On the right is a picture of TeamChild's youth advisory board and staff members on the capitol steps in Olympia.

Accountability and Inclusion – Youth Advisory Board Weighs In

TeamChild’s Youth Advisory Board seeks to find a systemic way to change the approach to bullying and harassment that can reduce the incidents that make some students unsafe, while increasing the services that can allow other students to stay in school without causing further harm.

Orange text on blue background reads: Education Blog. Illustrations of young people gathered are below. On a blackboard, text in chalk reads: School Exclusion and there is a red handprint behind the text.

Meeting the Moment: We CAN End School Exclusion

TeamChild’s vision for our schools is an end to exclusion and cycles of harm perpetuated onto students of color and students with disabilities.

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