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Dark blue text on a turquoise background reads: Teaming Up with Teen Feed. Teen Feed and TeamChild logos appear below.

Teaming Up with Teen Feed

In King County, the legal team has been partnering with Teen Feed which runs drop in services throughout the week at Roots Young Adult Shelter in the University District, to offer legal clinics twice a month since November of 2022.

An orange tile with dark blue text reads: Spotlight: Housing Instability in Spokane. There is a magnifying glass in the upper lefft corner and a house in the bottom right corner.

Spotlight on Housing Instability in Spokane

One of the hardest calls to get as a Legal Assistant is from a young person who does not feel safe in their living situation. It really helps when school counselors and adults in healthcare and social facilities understand legal options and can suggest them to youth, or refer them to us for more assistance. With the overwhelming challenges young people face in accessing housing, they shouldn’t have to face them alone.

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