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TeamChild 2023 Town Hall Debrief with Diego and Seiha

We were delighted to gather in person with supporters in April for TeamChild’s 2023 Town Hall. Thanks to your support, we extended our impact through GiveBig May 2-3 and raised a total of $58,000.

In addition to Councilmember Zahilay and impactful speakers from our board and staff, the heart of the evening shone through in our youth participants: MC Seiha Bunkasem, Youth Advisory Boardmember Diego Gonzalez and Pianist / Composer Kevin Briscoeray!

Diego spoke with Community Engagement Manager Porsche Phelps at the 2023 Town Hall. There was so much to cover, and so little time, so we asked Diego – what’s something you wish you could have said more about in our time together? From Diego:

“I wanted to have more time to talk more about the future of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB), which is still kind of undecided… but we have plans. We want the YAB to be an actual board where decisions relating to youth will have to go through us. So, let’s say someone wants to start implementing a new strategy to help youth who are going through depression, and they’re suggesting going on Facebook. And we’d be able to say, that’s not going to be a successful marketing tactic… everyone uses Facebook, but not the youth. So at the Town Hall, Porsche and I focused on what the YAB did already, which is tangible: identifying the priorities around youth mental health and bullying and harassment, the Day of Action in Olympia. But there’s so much to look forward to in the months to come.”

Hear reflections from Seiha in the video below.

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