Jars with staff names sit on a window ledge. There are small notes on scraps of paper inside the jars.

TeamChild’s COVID-19 Response

We wanted to let our community and partners know that TeamChild staff have set up remote offices to support our collective efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Staff will generally be working regular office hours (9-5) and are reachable via our phone numbers and email addresses. At this time, we are not having in-person meetings or walk-in client visits in our offices. Clients and partners, or anyone trying to request or refer a young person for services, should reach out via email or phone to our local offices to make arrangements to meet virtually or in a manner that follows CDC recommendations. 

Our staff are in the process of reaching out to current clients and new referrals to set up ways to communicate, to discuss the status of their cases/matters given court and school closures, and to identify any new issues that have come up as a result of the changes we are all experiencing.

We are coordinating with advocates across the country and in the state to ensure that youth who are incarcerated and detained are safe and protected. We are also coordinating around the loss of access to critical services like school, food, medical care, community support and shelter. In addition to food and shelter, our youth need social support every day to stay connected and safe. It will take intentionality, flexibility, creativity and resources to do this!

We welcome questions and calls from our partners as we all navigate day to day and encounter new or unexpected challenges. Let us know how we can help build a community of support around our children and families. We’re in this together!

“What do you do in times of despair?” Archbishop Desmond Tutu was asked. “You show your humanity.”

Quote from The Age of Overwhelm, Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, 2018

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