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Thank You, Funding Community, for Covid-19 Support!

The twin pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism have unveiled many cracks and harms of the systems that are supposed to serve youth.  TeamChild’s clients have faced increased barriers to education, employment and housing because of this pandemic. COVID-19 has disrupted students’ learning drastically and is only exacerbating education inequity. Distance learning is presenting serious difficulties for youth and families and for marginalized students in particular.  Our staff have worked consistently to support young people despite having to shift our work to being completely remote.   Our commitment to our mission and values has not waivered even as we’ve felt some uncertainty about the future funding climate.

COVID-19 has impacted TeamChild’s revenue and expenses through cancelled fundraisers and work from home costs, and our budget through an uncertainty in public funding contracts.   One thing we have been able to count on in these difficult times is our community of funders to support us.  We have been incredibly fortunate to have our funding community rally behind us and support us with COVID-19 relief funds.  We have appreciated the low barrier applications, fast funding delivery, and investment in our youth.  It means the world to us and we wanted to give a special shoutout and express our gratitude to the following:

The need for more legal services, training, and policy advocacy  is essential to supporting young people facing even more barriers due to the pandemics. Especially for our clients who are incarcerated, our work addresses their well-being, safety, and education while in custody and removes barriers to their release and reentry. We appreciate our funding community’s investment in our youth.

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