The Youth Education Law Collaborative is a group of legal services organizations helping children and youth who are having problems with education, especially in the wake of the pandemic. We advocate to make education more equitable for all students. We want to partner with communities who experience inequities by sharing information, opportunities, and resources to find solutions. Our goal is to build a new system of education advocacy that’s equitable and responsive to the needs of diverse communities. Read the full scope of work HERE.

The collaborative is funded by the Washington Office of Civil Legal Aid (OCLA) and staffed by the Northwest Justice Project (NJP), TeamChild, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), Disability Rights Washington (DRW), and Washington Autism Alliance. Seattle University provides volunteer law students.

We provide direct legal services (counsel, advice, and representation) within our resources, regarding these issues:  

  • Special education and Section 504 plans, 
  • Discrimination complaints, 
  • School discipline, 
  • Harassment/intimidation/ bullying complaints, 
  • McKinney Vento appeals for youth experiencing homelessness, and 
  • School transfer and enrollment issues. 

Who is eligible for our services? 

School-aged youth who are low-income (under 200% of the federal poverty level) and their families can receive services. Our special focus is serving youth with additional risks, such as those who have disabilities or are: 

  • Black, Native/Indigenous, Person of color 
  • LGBTQIA+ identity
  • English Language Learners or who have families who are limited English proficient, 
  • Unaccompanied immigrant children, 
  • Immigrants or refugees, or 
  • Incarcerated or detained. 

How can I get help? 

There is no wrong door for screening and intake. Screening and intake will be done both through NJP’s CLEAR and special education clinic, and at all of the programs participating in this collaborative.   

CALL the Intake Line at 1-206-707-0877 or TOLL FREE 1-844-435-7676.



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CALL US TeamChild staff are working remotely and can be reached by e-mail and phone.