Your support is critical to continue this momentum to uphold the rights of young people. If you would like to make a donation by mail, please send check to TeamChild, 1225 South Weller St, Suite 420, Seattle, WA  98144

The Advancing Justice Fund was created to support and reflect the values Annie has promoted at TeamChild for more than 20 years:

    • Innovation –  Annie built relationships and worked across systems with the call for a public health approach to addressing violence and safety for young people. She built a practice around strengthening advocacy for youth and families across all aspects of their lives promoting the goal of long term stability and outcomes.
    • Impact – Over the 25 years that TeamChild has been working in the juvenile legal system in partnership with youth and community, there is a generational impact for young people. Together, we’ve: drastically reduced the use of incarceration, expanded pathways for diversion, and ensured young people have meaningful access to educational services.
    • Capacity and Sustainability –  Despite progress, racial disparities persist and point to the urgent need to transform systems to deliver equitable outcomes. We must make foundational investments in the work to truly bring our antiracism values into practice.

We leverage public, private, and in-kind support to provide holistic legal advocacy for young people and push for systemic changes that replace school exclusion, detention, and incarceration with restorative and community driven responses. For more details, view TeamChild’s most recent Annual Report, Audit and 990 Form.


There are a number of opportunities to engage your organization’s staff and business in our work:

  • Make an investment
  • Sponsor an event or community training
  • Host a brown bag lunch for your staff to learn more about youth law
  • Host an office donation drive for youth stipends and supplies
  • Volunteer your professional services (paralegal & legal services, counseling, tutoring, evaluation, mentorship, etc.)
  • Become a partner agency

Contact [email protected] with your ideas and interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

Logo for the Advancing Justice Fund - Honoring Annie Lee's Legacy. There is an orange star inside a blue triangle with the letters AJF in white.

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