Legal services for youth is a core program strategy that aims to help youth overcome obstacles that get in the way of their success.  We work with youth in Yakima, King, Spokane and Pierce Counties who are at high risk for juvenile court involvement. Youth often feel hopeless about getting back on track after things go wrong. TeamChild’s legal advice and representation can help a youth get onto an education or employment track, secure stable and safe housing, build support for health and well-being, and reduce more episodes of incarceration and juvenile court involvement.

We also provide legal services to youth who are incarcerated in our state’s juvenile prisons through our Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) Institutions and Reentry ProjectTo learn more or to request services for youth who are currently incarcerated in a JR institution or community facility, please view this document.

TeamChild’s legal services are free. Since starting as a pilot project in 1995, TeamChild has received over 13,000 referrals and served close to 10,000 youth in Washington State.

We can help youth facing a barrier or challenge like

  • Not being in school (suspension, expulsion, truancy, dropped out, not allowed to enroll)
  • School isn’t working (need more support for learning, feel unsafe or bullied, feel discriminated against, other parts of life make it hard to focus and be successful)
  • Feeling unsafe at home or don’t have a home (homeless, conflict with family, couch surfing, living on the street, in a bad relationship, running from foster care)
  • Trouble getting health care or counseling (have unmet or unidentified health care needs, services or care denied or reduced)
  • Being locked up in detention (probation violations, warrants, police or school resource officer attention, truancy or running away, parents won’t help)
  • Being incarcerated in a Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) institution or community facility. 
  • Landing a job or housing because of a juvenile record, court fines and fees, or a registration requirement


How to get help:

Anyone can make a request for TeamChild services. We accept referrals by:

Have questions?  Contact any of our offices. If the youth and family need language or other assistance in communicating with our office, please clearly indicate these needs when making your referral.

Once we receive a referral, we will follow up with the referral source and contact the youth directly to talk about the legal services we offer.


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