Different ideas and reasons have brought us to TeamChild. Regardless of our specific roles or functions, all of us are incredibly passionate about standing up for the rights and dignity of our young clients.

Because we enjoy connecting with teenagers and young adults in our work, we invite you to connect with us as teenagers too. Click on a staff person’s headshot to see their teenage self and find out what brought them to TeamChild.

Our Staff


Andrew Benjamin – Clinical Professor at University of Washington
Larry J. Brown, Jr. – Paralegal at Law Offices of Mark R. Iverson, P.S.
Ann Carey – Partner at Carey & Lillevik PLLC
Laura Holloway Carter, Vice President – Retired
Morgan Collins – Head of Sustainable Finance at Starbucks
Laura Ewbank – Attorney at Microsoft

Melissa Lee – Staff Attorney at the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality, Seattle University School of Law
Rosa Peralta, President – Program Officer, Satterberg Foundation
Almetta Pitts, Secretary – Founder & CEO, Attemla Consulting, LLC
Sally Pritchard, Treasurer – Retired


CALL US TeamChild staff are working remotely and can be reached by e-mail and phone.