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An illustration from Molly Costello (for a Syracuse Cultural Workers poster) features a pink and yellow flower growing out of the ground. The plower has 2 stems that separate at the base of the plant and there are roots underground. Text reads: The Gender Binary Has Its Roots in Colonization.
An image from Crosscut publication is featured on the left with this headline: Cashmere senior challenges WA schools to speak out against racism. On the right is a picture of TeamChild's youth advisory board and staff members on the capitol steps in Olympia.
Dark blue text on a turquoise background reads: Teaming Up with Teen Feed. Teen Feed and TeamChild logos appear below.
An orange fist holds dark blue scales of justice. In the background is an illustration of colorful people enjoying themselves. Text reads: TeamChild 2023 Town Hall
Dark blue tile with Orange Text reads: Expanding the Circle of Care. The text appears inside a series of orange and gold circles.
An orange tile with dark blue text reads: Spotlight: Housing Instability in Spokane. There is a magnifying glass in the upper lefft corner and a house in the bottom right corner.
Supporters surround Governor Inslee as he signs ESHB 1394 into law. The U.S. and Washington State flags are in the background.
TeamChild staff and several board members are gatheres for a group portrait. Several people hold roses and everyone is wearing a creative neametag they made at the retreat.
Orange text on blue background reads: Education Blog. Illustrations of young people gathered are below. On a blackboard, text in chalk reads: School Exclusion and there is a red handprint behind the text.
A folder with the word BUDGET and a calculator are placed in a circular lime-green frame on the right. On the left are three people icons lifting a heart against a brick-red background.
Julian wears a suit and smiles into the camera. To his left are orange and white message icons with this text (taken from Teen Vogue article): Gideon v. Wainwright Was a Landmark Decision, But Women Invented the Idea of the Public Defender
A checkered floor is shown beneath three doors that lead to small windowless rooms. There are fluorescent lights above.
Porsche (L, middle row) is pictured with TeamChild staff and Youth Advisory Board members on the steps of the capitol building in Olympia.
Marcos wears glasses and a smokey blue blazer and smiles into the camera.
White text on turquoise background reads: VY VU Pierce County Case Support and Outreach Specialist
A small photo of Kim appears in the upper right corner of a presentation slide that reads: Safe and Stable Housing.
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